Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Helloooo again. I have abandoned you not once but twice this time, stay with me people, it´s not easy managing this time of the year, I am in the middle of tax season, it´s hot, I am pregnant mommy and have to manage a full time business and another hobby turned business...aaaaahhh
So what have we been doing besides that, we have had a wedding, went to the beach finally! the good weather started here since a week, that´s why I am in serious need of some tan! 

Matteo loves the beach, water and waves...I couldn´t expect another thing with his aqua daddy genes, yes mr Beau is a Surfer dude in business suit. Matteo didn´t mind the salty water in his face, we go often as possible, I expect him on a surfboard any time soon, just kidding. Would n´t mind to go along with him to tropical destinations for him to surf and mommy relaxes on the beach...not bad at all.

Kisses xoxoxo


Unknown said...

Your son is so cute.
I enjoy reading through your older posts.

Beau lifestyle said...

Thank you gypsie Rose, older post are nice as I had the time to paint, diy and decorate our place. Hope you find somwthing that may inspire you xoxo