Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby Oliver has arrived!

Just a short note that this Beau Baby has arrived! Introducing Oliver.
Oliver was born on december the 29th 2013 weighting 4.450 kg and measured 51 cm.
To me it was a good and fast delivery. The only bad thing is that Oliver got his collar bone broken during the delivery, as he was a big baby, this sometimes happens they explained me at the hospital. We have to take care we don´t hurt him holding him. After 2 or 3 months it will be healed.
  I took my time to recuperate and enjoy this baby.
 Matteo treats him well with kisses and patting, but we do notice a bit of jalousy when he sees us with the baby in our arms. Talk to you soon, LOVE CHANTAL


Ângela Varela Cunha said...

Congrats Chantal, just Like Matteo, he's a beauty!!!!!! He seems so peaceful, despite what happened. Hope you're ok, too. You are a lucky girl. Love Ângela.

Marisa • PretoMarfim said...

Congratulations Chantal!! Beautiful baby with a beautiful family!! Wish you all the best! Happy for you! Kiss kiss

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! he is really gorgeous, a beautiful baby boy! Hope everything goes Ok for him! Best wishes from Greece.

Ana Antunes said...

ohhh Chantal how did I ever miss this post. I've been having too much to think about and my mind out of blogging and only saw baby Oliver now... I'm so sorry. Wow he was a big gorgeous boy just like his brother. You are so blessed to have such handsome gorgeous boys! I hope he is fully recovered from his colar bone now. Cheers to all your familly, Love you, AnaA.

Beau lifestyle said...

Hello my dear Ana
I have to admid my life spun in a whirlwind. With Matteo I had all the time and the first baby is so special, now the second baby, as I am more use to it is more normal, but I love him even more.
Yes I am very blessed to have these two big giants in my life haha, how is your big boy? and I am also blessed to have you as my friend.
Love you 2 many xxx