Saturday, May 10, 2014

office chairs

I am in need of new office chairs and I have been in love with white office chairs for a while. I have found one in particular that I love, but also comes with a expensive pricetag. As I need 4 chairs so that will be a no go.
I do came a cross a knock off version with a better price tag here at decosillas


another option will be a reproduction of the Eames chair, I love the original Eames chair, but for the office I need wheels. The idea to sit on a hard chair without any cushion, makes me rethink that. While brouwsing on the internet I found a company who produces wool felt cushions for these type of chairs

Really like them in pink or black.
source Pinterest

It´s a fifty-fifty situation. Wich option do you like most?


Unknown said...

Wat een mooie inspiratie!

Ines Pereira said...

The first option. I really love it and I also need a white office chair, so great tip! ;)

Beau lifestyle said...

Hi Dionne, dank voor je lieve berichtje

Beau lifestyle said...

Hi Ines, so happy my post was helpfull. Please let me know when you reveive your chair, would love to see it in your office xxx