Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baby news update

Dear all, thank you for the patience! Today the 29th is Oliver´s 6 months milestone.
He is such a happy baby. Above picture big brother Matteo is giving a kiss.
So how is it to have to little ones you might ask? Ufff their a handfull, that´s why my lack of writing posts on my beloved blog. In the beginning there was some jalousy but now that Matteo is more involved in helping with baby Oliver he doesn´t show it that much. Matteo even advises me when the baby is crying I must check if Oliver has his pacifier...
Matteo starts talking better and better. Today when we were making a stroll in the city he was sitting on his daddy´s shoulders and he saw a short haired dog walking in front of them. Matteo said: daddy daddy, I can see the dogs butt, do you see it too?
I was just out of the blue, and I just had to laugh.

Dear Dad, happy birthday tomorrow the 30th of June! Love you
kisses from the 4 of us


Ângela Varela Cunha said...

Really???!!! Not happy with one, know you have two adorable babies?!!! Too cute for words! God bless them! Love Angela.

Beau lifestyle said...

Hello gorgeous, yes I am a proud mommy! thanks my dear xoxox

Beau lifestyle said...
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