Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vitra Utensilo wall organizer

This picture is what my office should look like, as I have the same wall organizer.

$ 425 Vitra utensilo wall organizer by Dorothee Becker buy it here 

My office
This is what it actually looks like, I didn´t dare to show you my desk it´s
quite chaotic at the moment.
I truly want to be an organized person but it´s hard, it´s not natural for me
to pick up things and give them a place, like others. But I am trying ;)
I do like the utensilo wall organizer a lot, it makes me happy when I see it.

                                                              other pretty design wall organizers:
                                                                    vidame creation

                                                           Wall organizer centipede $125

                                                           Mio grid wall organizer $60

                                                               Happy organizingggg


Leah said...

I need to get better organized too! I love all these ideas!


Beau lifestyle said...

Hi Leah, great u like this post, I love the ideas you blog abou too, very inspiring too x

Anonymous said...

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