Monday, April 4, 2011

New finds for our home

I have been to the Monday morning market (Maandagmorgen markt) wich is a market for fabrics, vintage clothes, curiosities and antiques. The market is in the hart of Jordaan district, centre of Amsterdam along the famous canals. I do recomend to go here early and pick up some treasures, and do negociate.
Did find some sweet vintge things for out home.
This is the nightstand in my old bedroom at my parents house, the antique cristal lamp is my there always to give enough light to read at night, The Litograph is by Michael Parkes wich I was obessed/loved with as I was younger, I have bought many of his pretty litographs.
The Malachite art deco plant pot is bought today, I am soooo happy with it as it is unusual to see such a large object made of malachite, peach roses as a gift from my mum. The brass olw is also a market find, as the cristal and glass plates to hold my jewelry at night.


Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

SO JEALOUS. That malachite pot is ridiculously amazing! The color, the pattern of the natural stone, and the shape!!! Amazeballs. Did I mention that I was jealous??? (c: Happy monday and *AMAZING* find!

Wallpaper said...

Great stuff, I really love the owl and that malachite planter!! All just beautiful :)

Liquids and Solids said...

Tally! I love the owl! Did they have more? Xxx

Unknown said...

That bowl is incredibly beautiful..what a great find! The peach roses couldn't be more perfect in it!

Beau lifestyle said...

Aubrey: thanks, I was very excited to have found this planter, it's dificult to control yourself and be able to negociate with the vendor.

Wallpaper: thanks for your sweet comment, I do enjoy them both.

Engeline: Thanks, no there were no more, I have bought it at the fleamarket of maandagmorgenmarkt, they only sell whatever they have, it's vintage.

Modern Jane: thanks a lot for your comment, pretty flowers make a girl happy!