Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rendez-vous with decorator Ana Antunes from Home Styling

Today I had a lunch rendez-vous with the talented Ana Antunes, a Lisbon based decorator, tv producer of the only decorating show on the portugese television and mom to a 5 year old son. I got to know Ana from Aubrey´s blog All things bright and beautifull, where Ana had a guest post. I have been following both blogs and when Beau boyfriend proposed to stay a few days in Lisbon, I thought it would be wonderfull to meet up with Ana.
Ana Antunes and me
What a welcome visit today, Ana received me in her gorgeous office in the Chiado district of Lisbon, where she showed me around. The meeting room was surrounded with pretty catalogs, fabrics and wall papers a true decorators heaven. She has a collection of the most beautifull brands from all over the world.
During lunch she told me that she had lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years and that she knew a few of my favorite stores and she loves my city, I am loving her even more now!

Ana´s office in chic black´n white, one of my most favorite combinations
             Ana has samples of the Martinique, Beverly Hills Hotel´s wallpaper wich is soo pretty

The reception desk, for more images of Ana´s office here

We also talked about her popular Portugese tv-show called´´Querido, Mudei a Casa´´ If you look on youtube you can see episodes of the transformations Ana and her team do, besides the jawdropping transformations, and the happy owners, the show tells you where all the decoration comes from so you can go to the store and buy it too.
Talking to Ana it felt like talking to a friend that I knew for years, she is very up to date
to the latest gadgets, impressed by her knowlegde and she has traveled the world.
We share the same love for blogging and a beau lifestyle.
Thank you Ana and your assistants, it was nice meeting you!


Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

That is so much fun!!! I'm so glad that I had a teensy part in this fabulous meeting (c: I just wish I could've been there, then it would've been a full-blown PAR-TAY! hehehe I'm so in love with her gorgeous office, it would have been worth it to go just to see that! Happy Weekend, dearie!

Ines Pereira said...

Ana must be really wonderful. I have just started my blog this week: and I have written her telling that she was my inspiration.

She was my first follower.

Please check it out and tell me what you think. I hope you will like it, because I love yours also.

Achados de Decoração said...

I love Ana Antunes´work. She´s a talented and beautiful girl.


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