Monday, May 23, 2011

Loods 5 - A dutch interior stylist´s heaven

Loods 5 is one of my favorite places in Holland to buy furniture, they have almost anything, all diferent styles, from nursery´s to kitchens, you name it, they have it.

Here is a movie that gives you an impression how big this shop is. Try to see it without the music (you can hear the man breathing- ugh, and I hope this rollercoaster way of filming doesn´t make you dizzy)

The man filming should have been pushed around in one of those shopping carts for the movie not to been so bouncy. Well I hope you liked your Dutch shopping experience.

Here are a few online pieces of furniture that I liked...I warn you many chairs, chairs and chairs
                                                                            Chair Nicole
                                                                   DSR Eames chair
                                                               Xavier Puchard chair
                                                              Eames rocking chair
                                                                  Gringo Side chair

                                                                             Brussels rack

                                                                         Bety Kitchen unit

If you move to Holland, go and visit Loods 5 


Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

oooohhhh! It's just as well that place is far from me! Very bad for the credit cards! I really love that Bety sink unit!

Lily said...

Looks like such a great store. I love the Brussels rack and the gringo side chair !!


Unknown said...

You had me at that first image! Wow!

Unknown said...

Looks amazing, I wish we had better design stores down here where I am! At least LA is only 45 minutes away ;o)

Jessie said...

This looks like a great store! I will keep this in mind when I visit Holland one day. Thanks for the introduction.


Villa Bisono said...

Gorgeous images...I love the first's a little spooky, but love it!