Monday, May 30, 2011

New Love - Sputnik lamps

Hope you had a nice weekend! I have to admid that I looked forward to give Charlie his transformation but it was such hot weater this weekend, that beau boyfriend proposed to go sun bathing at the beach sounded as music to my ears.           
This is my new love (obsession) It´s a vintage Emil Stejnar Sputnik lamp from the 70s.
                                                         Madeleine Weinrib via pinterest
  Kelly Geisen Project
This lovely NYC interior designer Kelly G, uses many of these sputnik lamps in her designs.

This is Kelly G her kitchen, and it is one of the most beautifull kitchens I have ever seen.
Visit her website Kelly G

                      Sputnik Glass Brass Fixture

                   I adore many kind of Sputnik lamps, like the above one with clear glass flowers.
   They are so divers, and you just can´t go wrong with these, they almost match in every kind of interior.
                    French Chrome Sputnik Chandelier

                                                          Cherie Zucker                  Whiley Project
                                                                    willey design
p.s. I tried to comment on other blogs, especially on those who have left me a comment in the last week, but I can´t do it, blogger doesn´t let me comment.
Did you experience the same problem?


Unknown said...

LOVE the images and I am with you on these ... so great! (Blogger is wacky these days). Nice post!

Claudia Fabiana said...

I had the same problems with posting comments, but then I got on Google Chrome, and it totally works.

Love the Sputniks. I forgot what they were called, but the name fits their quirky style. Ciao...

Lily said...

Amazing !! I love all these images !