Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paulina Arcklin - interior stylist and photographer

I have met Paulina a few months ago, coincidentally after my mom got her her new Amsterdam Apartment, after that we started emailing back and forward. 
Paulina is a great woman with a bunch of talent! Today she shares her story how she became a interior stylist.

I just moved to Amsterdam from Finland, and here I continue my passion - interior and decorationg editor's work by my name Paulina Arcklin.
My new agent for my work at the moment is Danish well known agency House of Pictures.  
I have my own blog called BLOG NOW by where I post about my photography, houses and everything I love.
My career as an decorating editor and stylist started at 2006 when I photographed products to one interior magazine.
My passion for decoration started at 10 years of age when I was reading my mothers decorating magazines.
At the same time I've got a possibility to do my two first product pages for this same magazine.
Some issues later I visited a kitchen shooting just to learn how to make them,
but suddenly it turned out to be my very first kitchen story.
This magazine made also a cover of that kitchen into the issue where the story was
published. Well, next issue had also a cover that I had made. It was my very
first home story. Decorating editor's work became my real passion and made
me even more intensive and creative decorator and a person who can say that
truly loves her job.

As a matter of fact I already had some history in home renovating and
decorating. Some years earlier I had pulled down and rebuilt an own house in
the countryside. I have had also several other flat apartments both in the
city and countryside. And of course as a visual person I have read tons of
interior magazines! All these factors influence my work by giving me

Since autumn 2009 I also started making some outdoor stories. My job
included photo editor's work too, and I must admit that I'm a super to find
different producers and photo banks with best images for product pages.
Photo styling is important part of my job and absolutely one of my strongest
Every now and then my editorial stories have achieved the cover page
positions on Finnish interior magazines Divaani, Terassi, Plaza Koti and Oma
Koti Kullan Kallis. In addition of those above mentioned Finnish magazines
my stories have been published in Deco and Koti ja Keittiƶ. I've also done
many Housing Fair home stories and gardens. Internationally published home
stories have be seen in Swedish magazines 25 Underbara Hem and Plaza

Oh and by the way I love Amsterdam!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful space! I love all the white with the pop of yellow!

Unknown said...

That coffee table is so cool full of Magazines!

Lily said...

Beautiful spaces ! Love the bedroom and that table.


Christy Bishop said...

Love that table! Do you have a source for it? So cool!