Wednesday, August 10, 2011

update Ibiza

Yesterday was a lovely long day we went to Cala aguas blancas, located on the northeast coast of the Island.

At the beginning of the beach was a professional masagist called Renate, she gave me a great neck, head and shoulder massage. It was a great experience to be right on the beach, hearing the waves break.

After the beach, we took a shower and decided to explore Ibiza center. I took an extra dose of vitamins by ordering a carrot and celery juice at Hostal Parque.

Beau boyfried is always my walking guide, as he plans the way to explore the city.

Ibiza does remind us a bit to the south of France where beau boyfriend and I met almost 9 years ago.

Hope this little update gives you an idea how our vacation is going so far, soon I'll be back home and blog about the wonderfull world called Decoration.
More Ibiza pictures to be continued.

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Unknown said...

Great pictures and the description of a wonderful vacation! Wish you loads of fun and relaxation!

Ana Antunes said...

Oh I hoppe you are having a wonderfull time! Funny this is but I almost went there this week with some friends who are comming back tomorrow!... We could almost have met there!!! Take care and drink a lot of that carrot juice, cause it's good for ya! XoXo Ana