Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tolix chairs

Sometimes it's difficult to choose wich dining chairs match your diningtable, I have a few favorites like lucite chairs and bamboo chairs, but I have to add another one called Tolix chairs. I have seen them in magazines and at blogs, but I can't get enough of them, especially that they come in so many diferent colours and they give a nonchalant chic feel to any table.
They can be electic yellow


chic & inviting

How great is it to own an authentic antique statue...

This to me gives a french feeling


Tamra {ever swoon} said...

interesting how those industrial chairs fit so nicely in all those spaces. My favorite is the third from the top. x

Lily said...

Really cute ! Love them in yellow and in the white !


Masha Osipova said...

Love them all!!!

samia said...

I was not a big fan of these. but tese imgaes seem to rock them.... great post!!

Fez said...

I found some great repro vintage ones on http://www.cultfurniture.com

Have them in a range of colours as well and pretty cheap too.