Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Mariska from I used to be snowwhite

Do you know the blog´´I used to be snowwhite but I drifted´´? It´s written by fellow dutchie Mariska Meijers who was a lawyer before she became a talented  artist and designer for her own brand Mariska Meijers Amsterdam.
I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Meet the blogger event held in Amsterdam 25th of june this year, I noticed her happy and open personality, she even showed me how the zoom option on my Iphone worked, I had no idea before.
To give you and idea what Mariska designs:
this is my fav pillow

Nature inspired designs, so pretty right?

Mariska on the right in her booth at the New York NYIGF

Thanks Mariska for helping me with my Iphone, I am proud of you being so succesful in doing what you love most!

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