Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Office of Ana Antunes

This is my most favorite office picture! It´s the office of my dear friend Ana Antunes of Home Styling. I have visited Ana during my trip to beautiful Lisbon early this year, I wrote about our rendez vous here. When I stepped in her office I felt like I stepped in the amazing Willy Wonka´s chocolate factory. It was all ooohhh and aaaah, just beautifull. She loves trellis, wich i do too and has a very popular decorating program on the Portugese television.  I try to keep my office neat and stylish as her, but my work is a little less elegant, my office part is nice but the warehouse is full of boxes and they bring in a lot of dust, which means a lot of cleaning to do!


Unknown said...

Gahhh such a lovely space!

Ana Antunes said...

Ohhh Chantal! I saw this only just now...I laughed so hard over the willy wonka's chocolate factory!!! you are funny. I love the Leonor designs and I allready became a follower. might buy some of it to wear on the show... How's the baby?! take care