Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Bird cage lamp

Guess I am in the mood to be creative as I am posting of another diy project.
This one is a lampshade made of wire and birds, a DIY birdcage lamp, so cute! It´s from Dwellings by de Vore, read how she made one step by step.
I am a big fan of beautiful lamps, and this one got me excited, but no I already have lamps for the nursery so I have to pass up tis one, maybe you find it nice to make one yourself. Also nice for grown-ups as a lamp for in the hall way for example, your guests will comment you about it.


Anna White said...

This is just adorable..and I have yet to work on the nursery for baby number two..due in Feb. Thanks for sharing lovely..and I hope all is going well with your beautiful little family : ) x

Jessie said...

I have seen these from Urban Outfitters and yes, this can be easily be a DIY project.

Have a great day, Chantal!


Stunning dude said...

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Adry Bonet said...

Really cute idea and so easy.