Monday, January 30, 2012

My O'verlays arrived!

I am as excited as i can be, today my O'verlays have arrived for the nursery!
They came well packed with a sweet note from Cheryl and Danika.

This weekend my parents are coming over to celebrate my birthday with me and I have asked the soon to be grandpa to finish the last little proyects in the nursery.

After that i can reveal the nursery to you and i must say it came together very well with a lot of mix and match modern with vintage things and DIY proyects.
I am still staying home, almost recovered from my illness, but still not on full strength.

To see more fretwork panels from O'verlays, click the button on the left in this blog, you'll be amazed about how easily you can transform any boring piece of furniture into a expensive looking designer piece.

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Adry Bonet said...

Great idea with the O'verlays. Can't wait to see the pictures of the nursery. Congratulations! =)

Marisa • PretoMarfim said...

The O'verlays is so beautiful! Love it!! :)

Danika Herrick said...

Yay!!! So glad they made it safely!!!!

Enjoy this time! I was just just watching videos with my boys (4 & 6) of when they were babies tonight. They thought it was hysterical and the whole time I was amazed that they were really once that tiny. Can't wait to see little Matteo and his nursery!