Friday, April 27, 2012

Nursery and kidsroom decoration

Hello everyone, It's weekend! Yay! Hope you have some nice things planned to do. I travelled with baby Matteo to Amsterdam, for him to meet family and friends. It was hard work to keep him occupied drinking during take off and landing, traveling with a bay is a whole new experience.

Absolutely loved these gold horses against a grey wall. The Horses were found at a flea market and DIY spraypainted. This could be easily done with any kind of funny objects, especially if you are so lucky to get a few of them, and you turn it in to an artwall. This picture comes from the blog The Gold Yelly Bean

Another favorite is this bird mobile from etsy seller Birds of a feather

Fabric covered bakets to hold diapers, toys and knick-knacks

Next monday is queensday in Holland, will make pictures and write about it on Tuesday.

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LiveLaughDecorate said...

I'm a sucker for yellow and grey so love it! Am also in love with those horses. Really feels like they're leaping along that wall doesn't it? Definitely a fun place for a little one.