Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Need 4 peace is a online comunity made by 2 friends, Jordy Wouters and Patrick Rosema, that realized that there is so much hostility and war on this world. Together they brainstormed about what they could do to be part of creating peace.
You can make an account and upload a picture of yourself making the hand piece sign and get in touch with others that share the same peace idea's as you. As an individual sometimes you think your peace idea's can not be heard, what need 4 peace tries is to connect people with companys and make peace wishes come true.
Motivate your fiends, family and loved ones to take part to create a peacefull world.

If you live in Holland, listen to the radio FUNX at 18:40 h, you can hear an interview of the makers of need4peace today 1 st of may.

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