Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Before and after

Yesss, I did it again! I found another pitiful nightstand on the street. It look very similar to the one I found last year, but it´s a but more damaged. You must have seen the looks of peoples faces when they saw me walk with the dirty old nightstand under my arm, many people don´t get it, but I see potential in things. A friend came up to me that he also saw me walking with an old nightstand and was wondering what I do with this crap!
Well, see next foto, I turn it in to this:

This is the one I have next to my bed and I am missing one for on the other side, hopefully the next one will look similar. Let me get you to the next before and after.

This is how I should look like every day in my office...

And this is the reality...many times I look like this, with a white coat on, hair pulled back and a colicky baby sleeping on my you know it, this is my Beau Lifestyle...

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Lily said...

The night stand looks amazing !!!