Wednesday, June 6, 2012

graffiti walls and adore magazine

I absolutely love the graffiti walls Nicole from Sketch painted on a wall at a bachelor apartment in NYC, it´s features in Adore home magazine.
I would really want to try this at home, but instead of black paint I would choose a more soft color or gold. Oh my...I am getting myself excited for another DIY project.
Nicole at work

another wall made by nicole, with Keith Haring as inspiration

If a wall is too much for you, a painting is an other option.
All images with courtesy of Sketch

To get back to the Adore magazine:

Room by Ana Cordeiro

Room by Mariska Meijers

Both of these rooms are featured in Adore Magazine, and I have met these 2 lovely ladies in Person, Ana in Lisbon and Mariska in Amsterdam. Does it mean that this bloggers world is small or that I have been incredibly lucky to have met these talented ladies?

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Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

Completely forgot about Adore Home mag. Thanks for the reminder..