Monday, August 6, 2012

Delicate skin

Sometimes you wish someone would have told you something many years ago to prevent aging or damage your skin. I am a licensed beautician, even though that is not what I do for a living, I would recommend every woman to do a course or a study as I have learned so much about the human body and skin care. Since the day we were born we did not come with a manual about our body. We learn from trial and error and from parents, magazines, internet and such, but there are things that we can prevent of damaging our skin.

First of all, after a shower, use a super soft and absorbent towel, like these Egyptian cotton towels from I love Linen. Don't rush in drying your skin but be delicate doing it. I have seen skin that was treated roughly, and the elastine you have got in your skin will break and leave your skin sagging.

First of all Sun is your skins worst enemy, I know a woman who applys sunblock everyday and now at the age of 60, she looks amazing and has tight smooth skin.

Apply handcreme to your hands, at least a few times a week. Really...You can tell the age of a woman by looking to their hands as cosmetic surgery is not able to be done to hands.

I could go on and one....


l o v e l y t h i n g s said...

You are so right...a little extra attention and of course knowledge goes a long way!

myrna said...

I am in hearty agreement with you! I did a post on a similar subject last week and knowledge and starting early is definitely the key!
Thanks for the post!

Jeffrey said...

Hi thannks for sharing this