Thursday, August 9, 2012

I struck gold...finding vintage finds

This week I did some vintage hunting with my mum in the flea and antique markets in Amsterdam.
Do you like the vintage octagonal gold mirror above? I do too and I found a same one, but a size smaller on the flea market!

The white light is an other vintage find.

As well as this authentic foldable Gerlinol tea trolley from 1955

and this HUGE canvas oil painting! I saw it, and made an offer, bought it for a fraction of the price.
Only this painting will come home with me, not sure yet which wall to hang it, but sure will find a nice spot for it.

It's a roman family that is buying a statue, it's full with little details and these iphone pictures, does not do it's impressive really! It's not signed, and have no clue who is the painter.

I think we got very lucky with this...


Daniela Calheiros said...

Hi there!Fantastic gold mirror,love it!I want one for's very difficult to find such bargains here in my home town,Porto,Portugal.

Beau lifestyle said...

Hi Daniela,
I love Portugal!
Go and visit amsterdam, if you go shoot me an email and I tell you the places that I vistit for bargains.
xxx Chantal

Daniela Calheiros said...

Hi Chantal!I've been on vaccation and just now seen your post.Never been to Amsterdam but once there I'll absolutely shoot you an email!Have a wonderful time in Ibiza!