Sunday, September 16, 2012

top 5 babyproducts

Mr Beau, Matteo and when we go traveling we always take our Marsupi Baby carrier with us. I have tried so many baby carriers, even bought some different styles like the slings, wrap, ergobaby etc. but my most favorite is this Marsupi carrier. I love it that it is so easy to get your baby in thanks to the velcro bands and it's the only one that doesn't hurt my back. It comes with a pouch so when not using it you can roll it up and carry in your tote. It's also made of soft organic cotton. This is one of my absolute must have if you have a baby that likes to get carried.

I like the Marsupi baby carrier also in light grey...

Winter is coming up and I bought these super cute and comfy baby boots for Matteo. He is going to daycare soon and he needs easy comfy shoes and boots. The Baby wool boots from Etsy seller Wooly baby come in many different styles and sizes even for moms and dads. I have not received them yet, I hope they arrive soon...

Matteo started to eat solid food and he loves his Clevamama silicone feeder. Pop in a piece of soft fruit and you are worry free when your baby munches on it. It goes anywhere with us as in restaurants Matteo will be busy with his feeder and we have time to have lunch in a relaxed way.
It's great when theeting, put in a piece of frozen fruit, and it soothes the pain.

The most comfortable, cute and stay on baby booties I have ever seen are these SWAG booties from Etsy seller Trendybaby. You can choose your favorite color of fabric and the color of the soles (witch are anti slip) and Rachel makes them for you. I got a pair with taupe elephants and all white ones that go with everything. I am absolutely not afraid to lose a shoe, they stay on perfectly even by a busy moving baby like Matteo.

I am absolutely in love with the quality of this brand called Organic for Kids. Made in the UK of organic cotton, these rompers come in many cute designs and colors. I also liked that they sell other things in the same print like bonnets, blankets, hoodies etc. So you can a complete set or mix and match.

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Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

those little chevron SWAG footies are adorable! and love the elephant onsie. Matteo is precious!