Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Toys organization

What about this girl from Beau Lifestyle...lately she hasn´t been posting regulary. Since our little one goes to the baby day care he has been sick continuously, and so am I. We are going to cancel baby day care and figure out something else as thing hasn´t been working so far.
To top off all my healt issues, this weekend I had a salmonella intoxication. We were given lovely wild mushrooms by friends, we made them with an egg omelette and oh my gosh, what a bad, bad, bad experience...Today I am feeling a little bit better, and tossed the remaining mushrooms into the garbage bin, no more wild mushrooms for us no more...
The only thing I have changed in our house is that I cleared the bottom 2 shelves of where we keep plates and dishes and stored Matteo´s toys. He is crawling and getting on his feet and was always attraced to my plates and dishes, so now I turned it into his toy storage. I like toys to be concentrated and organized in a part of the house, and become a part of the decoration, instead it to be scattered all over.
Hopefully I can get things back on track soon and return to my old self again. Thanks for being there for us and your lovely comments!

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