Friday, December 7, 2012


Yesterday we had a National holiday...Mr Beau took care of Matteo early in the morning, playing, feeding and getting dressed, and let me sleep longer. So lovely, I am so happy with my guy, he is such a great daddy. We enjoyed the day together, making a walk and having lunch in our favorite restaurant and in the afternoon we both organized the house.
I love colors, but I also love a soft natural colors like soft greys and white´s.
This desk, the above picture,  says to me: organization, relaxation and nature. A nice cup of coffee or tea, mobile switched off, reading a good book, do some blog posts, being able to look outside of your windows and seeing the trees! Sounds perfect.
Enjoy your weekend tomorrow


Doreen said...

I really like the ambiance. It's so professional. But if ever you'll add one more color to it what would it be? Thanks.

myrna said...

I just used the first pic on my blog today! such a pretty room...