Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost there, such an exciting time of the year. I decorated the house just a bit, but the pictures dont do it justice, they were taken at night with my iphone. I am at a place where there is no good internet connection, thats why I havent been posting often. It's a big adventure and I'll tell about it soon.

With a baby crawling around the house, I have guest slippers saved in a faux python magazine box near the entrance, a good way to avoid street dirt in the house.

I did a little DIY the other day. The painting above our sofa, needed a little makeover, I bought 3 little containers of gold glitters and used 3M sprayglue to attach them to the painting. On top of that I used a coating so the glitters stay put.

An image up close, again pic doesn't do it justice, it's really pretty an sparkly.

The painting before the glitter proyect.

Matteo is almost 10 months, he is quite a personality.
Merry Christmas to all and see you soon.

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