Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog shop sweet things and luvocrazy

I discovered a sweet blog called ´´Shop sweet things´´ the author Jeanne Chan is a pretty gal with amazing taste. I like her post about: sweet things under 20 (dollars) and her post about 10 tips for first year bloggers. She has also a luvocrazy site, It´s a bit like Pinterest, you collect all products you love ( and want), they are linked to the websites where you can buy them and you earn rewards when people buy what you reccomend. About the rewards, I am not so interested, what I find more interesting is that you can directly go to the website or shop where to get it. Sometimes in Pinterest you can´t find the source of something you really really like and that is quite frustrating.

I just requested an invite for Luvocrazy

 Go and visit Jeanne her blog!

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