Friday, January 11, 2013

tortoise shell

I have been obsessed with this picture ever since I saw it. The tortoise shell on the wall is such a statement piece. As a huge animal lover I wouldn´t want to have one if I knew the turtle was killed to make it a decor object, only if the animal passed away of age.

Next images are some good options for other animal lovers:

The last picture is a paper march one that you can buy from West Elm. You get the look and the feeling for a better price without hurting one of the worlds precious animals.

This pretty one is from the collection of Nate Berkus for Target. All blogland went coocoo over Target´s items, they have an high end look for a nice price. Get yours when you can.


myrna said...

i agree, they are definitely a statement piece in the room, and it has to be cruelty free, great inspiration!

Unknown said...

Very different and yes it does stand out!