Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1 year!

Our little one turned one today! This year flew by and now he´s a toddler...This weekend we will have a birthday cake to celebrate it. I took this picture this morning, he is so adorable with his number one medallion. We have been so blessed with Matteo, he´s very social, loves to be around other kids, people and animals. But this adorable face has quite a character, he knows what he wants and will make sure he gets it. He starts walking any time soon, many people told us, that it´s going to be an exhausting time...really, even more? We enjoy being with him every day, and we are very proud to discover more and more about his developments.

I bought Matteo some flowers for in his room, of course out of reach, as these common grapes are very pretty but also toxic. They do look sweet in his blue room.

And some pink tulips and white ranunculus for mommy, flowers make me happy.
Picked up this vintage white milk glass vase in last visit in amsterdam while flea market treasure hunting. It reminded me of coral, one of my favorite things.

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Ana Antunes said...

Happy Birthay To the most gorgeous & adorable baby! He looks so darn cute and I love the way he knows how to pose allready!! You must be soooo happy mom! Congratulations to you too and have a wonderfull family day! Cheers from AnaA.