Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog exchange

Dear all, It´s time to organize, clean up and better yourself. At least that is what happens to me when the sun comes out and I feel the change from winter to spring.
I am going to clean up my blogroll, there are some blogs that don´t exist  anymore and it´s time to add a few new and fantastic blogs.
Do you have a nice blog, and do you post a few times a week, please let me know and maybe I can add you to my blogroll, if you can do the same for me. I want to add aprox 7-10 new ones. I will make a selection, can´t add them all, just to warn you but I will pay your blog a visit for sure.
Let me hear from you and we will talk.


Home change Home said...


I have a blog about renovation and transforming in the house, always looking forward for a new and
better look.


Check if you like it! I follow you already for a while and I like it very much!

Good ideas and good work!


Sarah Baum said...

I have been really bad about posting for the past few weeks, but am getting back into the swing of things. I love your blog, and would love for you to check out mine!
It's mainly just a blog about my family, motherhood, working full time, house stuff, etc. Enjoy and good luck!

caitlin said...

Greetings from very far away! I live in San Francisco and keep a blog about keeping a creative home in the city. I like to follow your blog because I'm interested in what your life looks like living in Spain from a Dutch perspective. I feature mostly original content and focus on DIY projects, gardening, cooking and the trials and tribulations of keeping an (attempted) well appointed house. I also feature some family outings in this beautiful and diverse city I live in. http://www.theshingledhouse.com
Thanks for checking it out.

House@heart said...

I am from Romania, far away from you, in Europe! My blog is about interior design ideas and diy projects that I do a lot these days because we are moving to our own house we' ve been building for the past five years. You can chech my blog out and see if you like it, maybe you are interested in an European point of view regarding interior design. I post almost every day, sometimes twice a day.