Monday, September 6, 2010

new love: Barcart

I grew up in a house that always had a large bar area, eventhough my father is non-alcoholic and my mother sticks to wine, they found it important that whenever they had guests over, there always would be something that they would like to drink.
I recently bought a lucite traytable at Zarahome, just because it was very irresistably pretty, and made it mine.

This is that Zara home bartable.
The ikat bolw, as seen on many other blogs and magazines, it come from anthropologie, it was on sale for 7,99.
The chest I found at my local thrift shop, its now filled with books and cd´s to avoid clutter in our house. I bought a piece of transperant board, cut it to the same size as the chest so other items could be placed on top of it.

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niartist said...

Gorgeous! Hope you'll stop by my blog when you have time! :) Maybe share a vignette or two on fridays! :) Take care, Artie

Beau lifestyle said...

Dear Artie, thank you for posting a comment to my blog. I have seen yours, I like your blog and you have very good taste.
I added you on my blogroll and will check your blog often as possible.
Take care, Maxime