Saturday, September 25, 2010

white piped upholstered wing back chair

I fould this wing back chair in a local triftshop, it had such a sad look and the colour and fabrick were awfull, but i could see through it and imagined the beauty of this chair upholstered in black fabrick with white piping.
It took a few weeks before it was ready, but it was worth the wait, now the chair is in my office.
This is how the chair looked before:
and after:

Other inspiration:

source: 3 men and a lady

The inspiration came from:

p.s. my mom asked me if I knew why these kind of chairs have these 2 bulky parts on top of the chair. I told her that I thought it was for sleeping, so you could rest your head against it. But no, she told me that  the houses many years ago were not isolated and it was often cold and to avoid being bothered by the cold draft they designed them like they are.
Learning something everyday.


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I have a wing back chair that i may just get re-upholstered to look like with white pretty! :)))))

Beau lifestyle said...

Dear Jen, Thank you for your comment!
I am very happy with the result.
Can't wait to see your wing back chair.

Unknown said...

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