Monday, September 27, 2010

DIY indoor dog kennel tent?

Once upon a time we had 2 sweetdogs, now these two dogs live with my parents.
So what happened? Really nothing, they came over to spend holidays with my parents and my parents fell in love with them both and they were never returned. I don't mind really because they are in the best hands possible and I see they have a great live overthere with so much nature close to the house and a big garden for them to play in, compare to the city apartment we live in Spain.
One of the two dogs, the smaller one sleeps in a dog kennel at night, he feels safe and cosy in his little home.
The fact is that that kennel is not so pretty to see, it looks like a little jailhouse.
I came up with the idea to make a tent for his kennel.
I bought thin white linnen (so air can come in easily) and black mat ribbon.
                                                        The little jailhouse before
                                                   The white linnen fabric that I bought

                                                         This is the end result

For it being the first time making something on a sewing machine, I am happy with the result.
I need a better camera, these pictures were taken by my mobile phone.

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go boo boo said...

I found you randomly, but THANK YOU for this, our gigantic one year old Newfoundland's jail-kennel only fits well in our living room. Thus I need to do this, like NOW, and honestly hadn't thought of it before seeing your post.