Friday, June 10, 2011

Sister in law

Tomorrow I oficially will have a Sister in law, yay! Beau boyfriend his brother is getting married tomorrow and I am so happy and looking forward to it.
My Sister in law asked me to do her bridal make up, so we already have had some trial make-up sessions and she is very happy with the result.
Today I took a day off from work to be able to assist her and to the last finishing touches.

This is how my table looked liked, eventhough I didn´t take this picture, just found it on the net, but it was so similar to the products I have and use that i decided to post it.
Hopefully soon I´ll place pictures of the wedding so you can comment if you like it.
LUV to all of you, enjoy the weekend!

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Lily said...

Have fun at the wedding !!