Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So inspirational Color block - DIY

Theis above image from Brooke of just B was on my mind lately, she added a bit of orange fluor paint on her pouch and made it look lovely. Check out her DIY projest on her pouch.
I have seen this clutch over at other blogs and it made me fall head over heels,  it's from Clare Vivier
And because I have been in to fluors lately, I have DIY spay painted my ballerina flats.

                                                          Pictures taken with my iphone.

I have 2 pair of these ballerina flats, they have plastic mirrored noses, so I decided to DIY spraypaint one pair of them. Before you start spraying, first clean your shoes, ad a layer of primer so the colored paint adheres better. Spray them in any color you like them to be and Voila, a piece of cake!


Ines Pereira said...

Great idea!
Can you please tell me which primer do you use? I want to paint a plastic mirror too!

Thank you.
Are you still having troubles to became a follower of my blog?

Beau lifestyle said...

Hi ines, it's Titan imprimacion blanco that i used
And it comes in spraypaint too. Good luck painting
Your mirror! Xxx

Jessie said...

What a cool idea! It turns out great. Love it.