Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colourfull Madrid apartment

This colourfull apartment in the capital of Spain is filled with vintage treasures and pretty painting made by the owner, Mercedes Perez de Castro, also thanks to achados de decoracao, she posted about this beautifull apartment too.



Achados de Decoração said...

Darling! you are welcome! kisses and hugs from Sao Paulo - Brazil

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

The yellow rug and the gallery wall are quite amazing!

Veronica said...
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Veronica said...

Lovely! I also own the photo that is displayed in the fourth picture down from the top (the woman swinging her blonde hair). I've been trying to figure out who that person is since I purchased the picture. Does anyone know?!


Jessie said...

Love this home. So warm, cozy, inviting and colorful. Love that yellow rug and all her collected items.


Beau lifestyle said...

Tiffany and Jessie: I have spotted that yellow rug over at Zara Home!

Veronica: the girl in the picture, no idea, she looks like Birgitte Bardod from this distance. If you find out please let me know, i adore it!

-luv- Chantal

Lily said...

Gorgeous !! Love the first room. That big sofa looks so comfy and I love the curved windows.


The enchanted home said...

Hi first time here..this is an interesting aparment, normally I don't like big pops of bright color but think it was done very well here....lots of life and personality here!
Have a lovely evening!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

LOVE this place!