Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The little things

Thank you for your well wishes of our pregnancy, for not turning this blog into a babyblog, I will post sometimes a few things about babystuff.
Today I wanted to share some little things that made my day.
my new gold chain and leather bracelet from Massimo Dutti, wich is my new arm candy love.

New Iphone cover, my Iphone was getting severely scratched.
Yesterday I saw this pretty and simple black Iphonecover and it turned out to
 cost only 2 euros. It made me happy, functionality and price wise.

I bought an Ikea frame for the pretty portrait of my friend Masha.
She went to live in Mexico, where this picture was taken also.
When I see her happy picture, it makes me smile.

This gold glitter jacket from Zara, that will come out handy for my growing belly.
I do want to dress up nicely and try to take good care.


Holly said...

Love the bracelet!

Ângela Varela Cunha said...

Hello bracelet!!!!! Massimo Dutti has great stuff ha? Last year my husband birthday present was one of their one distressed leather trench, loved it! Too bad it hasn't pregnant clothes, just get a medium, you'll be fine! Checo out my before and after powder room! Xoxo mommy!

Tina said...

beautiful bracelet!! i love it! also i love your "baby" finds!! xoxo...