Monday, September 12, 2011


Reading Holly Beckers blog Decor8, she wrote about Blogshop wich is a Photoshop bootcamp classes given by Bri Emery and Angela Kohler from the blog Blogshop. They give 2 classes the first one is in Berlin the 15th and 16th of october and the next one is held in Paris the 22nd and 23th of october. I would love to go...I do not mind to either to Berlin or Paris, as long they have a place left in their class.
I do not know anything about photoshop and I would love to learn, sometimes I see other blogs with the most unique pictures, wanting to create something nice as well but not having the knowledge makes me feel helpless, so I was over the moon happy to see that there are such cool photoshop classes exist!

Ok so...Beau.. honey, if you read this and they have place, you know I am going ok ;)


Masha Osipova said...

Come to Mexico, I'll teach you!!! :)
Love-la-la Love

Lisete Reis said...

Come to Portugal! Pleaseee!

Eventful Life and Style said...

Love all the fresh flowers on the tables. Makes working that much better!