Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thank you

A quick thank you for the lovely comments from the ones who gave their advise on last thursday´s post, about my next DIY proyect for the bamboo chairs.

Thanks to Ana Antunes from Home Styling is my portugese decorating angel that has jlo´s looks (true go and look for yourself) and is the heartbeat of the only decorating show in Portugal Querido, mudei a casa. Besides of her having sublime taste, she is hard working, down to earth sweet and i am proud to have met her in person and call her my friend.

Thanks to Spanish Pablo from Bloobrey Place , he just turned 23 years! Happy Birthday Pablo.
I was impressed by Pablo to be such a good painter and DIY guy, you will be amazed to know he does all those thing being 23! I think Pablo will be an important interior designer and will be very sucesfull in the future.

Thanks to Claire from Stylish Irish she has been my blog friend since from the start and I am always keen to check out her blog for her adventures in Auckland, New Zealand. Besides being super sweet, she has a good sense for style, i love her dream house posts and her cooking makes me want to crave her dishes.

Thanks you guys for helping me out with your advise, I´ll keep them in mind and hopefully soon I can show you the result of my DIY work!
I have to say that all comments I receive make me jump of joy, and I get the feeling of getting to know you and being my friends.

Last Saturday, my friend Patty and me felt like painting, so I poored her a glass of red wine (for me water), some sweets and cupcakes on the side and we stared being creative.
This is what I came up with:
When Beau arrived home I asked him if he liked it and he answerd me:
¨ It looks Paranoid¨....
So now I called the painting Sweet Paranoid. 

I hanged it in my office´s kitchen. For not having daylight in the kitchen, it was difficult taking a nice picture with my Iphone, but at least you get the idea.


Unknown said...

O my goodness I love it! Did you make it? Maybe you did a post about the DIY and I missed it??? Going now to look for it :)

Ana Antunes said...

Oh my godness... Chantal you just got me in tears!! You are adorable! Thank you so much for tour nice words 'spanish Anastasia godess!'. love the painting but I think you should call it 'boy or girl'!!!

Lily said...

The painting looks great !!


StylishIrish said...

Thanks so much for your lovely mention! You are such a pet. The painting looks great and I love ana's comment :)