Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soon to come - bracelets

I am actually sitting in class of Blogshop wichis great! Tons of information, I am trying
to keep up, with my 0 experience of photoshop.
This image above is one of the first things I have created by myself.
The bracelets are made by me and Patricia, we are opening a little Etsy shop soon.
This is just an idea of what we are making.


Ângela Varela Cunha said...

Like it, want ir? If your thinking of doing something in black and gold, it's mine! Xoxo Chantal.

Brooke said...

Congratulations on opening your own Etsy shop - fabulous! I can't wait to come visit when it's up and running!

Caterine said...

ohhhh my! I Like!! Nice job there.


Lisete Reis said...

Lovely, beautiful bracelets...
White Glam