Thursday, October 27, 2011

what I loved this week - inexpensive brass details

I thought this is a great DIY idea, I am always in for a good Ikea hack, but this got me excited. These lack tables are cheap, I never wanted one, because they looked too plain, but Jenny from Little Green Notebook added these inexpensive brass corners, and voila, they look amazing! This is a great deal for starters  who just moved in to a new house, spend all their money on a bathroom, sofa and painting the house and then don´t have money left for a coffee table. Now there isn´t any excuse anymore!

Bri from you me and a wiener added these brass decorative brackets to her Ikea Lack shelves, and it has the wow factor as the coffee tables.
Thanks girls for this great inspiration, I´ll be on the hunt for shiny brass brackets!


Holly said...

Love this!

Interior Design said...

It doesn't have to be expensive. It's how you use and blend it with the interior.