Tuesday, January 17, 2012

vintage silk scarf pillows

Did you ever had the guts to turn your vintage pucci, hermes or any other pretty silk scarf into a pillow?
I haven´t, but after coming across these images I might want to do some DIY.
After all, it´s a waste to have your scarfs locked up in a closet if you can enjoy to see them every day, when turned into a pillow.


PinkCoffie said...

I used mines to cover an old sofa time ago. Looked really much better after the little make over..plus, looks like a tiny throw & it's no sew. ;)

love your idea! Perfect when you're really emotionally addicted to it and you don't want to trow it away ;)

Much love, xo

- Urska @

Anonymous said...

I've never done it with a designer scarf, but certainly have with vintage ones picked up at second-hand stores. They always are the most beautiful fabric patterns and vibrant colours. Gorgeous!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

It's such a great idea...There are some that I just never wear, but maybe re-purpose them.

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