Monday, February 6, 2012


How was your weekend? did you enjoyed the superbowl, or just had a fun weekend out?
Yesterday I had my birthday, and the best present was that my parents flew over.
We made our own birthday cake, I might not have been perfect to be worth for a picture but it was delicious. I just finished another piece of yesterdays cake, yummy.
I am oficially 30 now, and soon to be a mum, that i look very forward to.

How great are these glasses? Many times when you invite people you can´t remember where you left your drink. Now just by painting the base of the glass with chalkboard painting, you can write your name down and enjoy your glass for the rest of the evening.


Ana Antunes said...

Ohhh Chantal HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hoppe you had a great day with your family and parents and baby in tummy!! Take care and being 30 is great!

Emily said...

happy (late) birthday! love those glasses, we made some for christmas gifts and they were SUPER easy!