Thursday, February 2, 2012

Radiant skin

My dear friend Masha from the blog globalista wrote me an email, saying that she really liked a product that I have recommended her to use for her skin, and advised me to dedicate some posts about skincare.
Before doing what I do now, I was an esthetician. I have diploma´s in many treatments, especially natural ones. I was specialized and trained for the German brand Dr. Hauschka, which products are 99% natural and are still my most favorite.
I recommend the Dr Hauschka day oil to anyone that has a oily skin, acne or does have pimple breakouts sometimes. Many other brands have aggressive alcohol based products that strip out the natural barrier of your skin, Dr Hauschka is just the opposite, when having an oily/acne skin, clean face gently and add oil, so you help your skin not to produce more oil or acne and it calms down.
I would like to dedicate, maybe once a week a tip how to treat or take care of your skin with products that are great of with things you have in your house already.
A simple and great and inexpensive mask for your skin is very easily made with linseed.
It´s for all skin types and it will make your skin look radiant.
What do you need:
1. grinder
2. linseed
3. watercooker
4. cotton gauze
5. a bowl and a facial brush

Grind the linseed well, put in a bowl, add hot boiled water and let it rest for a while.
You will notice the grinded linseed turns in to a gel.
Wash face or exfoliate softly.
Cut out a round facial shape from the gauze, and cut out holes for the eyes and nose.
Make face wet warm with a damp towel and add the gauze.
Apply the linseed gel with the facial brush and rest for 15 min.
The gauze is for holding the linseed gel in place, if not it drips from your face and makes a mess.
After the 15 min take of gauze and linseed gel and softly rinse face.

Let me know how it went! I am blowing a kiss in the air to you x

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