Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My momma did it...curtains

I loved this picture from Martha Steward´s site, that also tells you how to DIY add ribbon to your curtains. We just finished the project and instead sewing the ribbon we used some fabric glue and ironed it on.
Here my mom is doing the proyect.

Will show you the result when revealing Matteo´s nursery soon, it´s getting very pretty!


A Casa de Arquiteto said...

It was really cool!
It was easy to do? I wish that here in Brazil had more accessories for these things from home ...
Well, "who can not go to New York goes to Madurai" ... lol (Brazilian slang like, who can not shake it! lol I'm laughing 'cause I think maybe you're not understanding very well ...)


Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

Cool. I seen this on Racheal Ray the other day. It was a great way to make roman shades and the iron on technique means I'm willing to try it, lol