Tuesday, October 19, 2010


You might say whaaat? Alhondiga is the name of a beatifull building in Bilbao where I was this weekend.
It was build in 1909 by Ricardo Bastida as a stock place for wine. Now this year they finished renovating this building and it was designed by Philippe Starck ( wich is one of my favorite designers)
It´s has many quircky, playfull and different designs as we are used to see from mr. Starck.



inside you can see the floor of the swimmigpool

mr. Starck

Alhondiga has:
A Cinema, Gym, Swimmingpool with sundeck, a chic restaurant, a bar/lounge terrace, a cafetaria, lunchplace, expo´s, a design shop, you can rent spaces for seminars etc.
It´s a great place to visit and hang out.

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