Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Orchid DIY

When you get or buy an orchid, they have such beautifull flowers. The less fun part is that they only bloom a several weeks and then you have to stick with the plant for a year untill the flowers come again.
At least that has always been my experience.
You can buy a stem of atificial orchid flowers. Your guests will not notice the difference due to the fact the Orchid leaves are real and that gives the impression that the flowers are real too.
I have fooled my girlfriends when they came over for dinner.
Now it looks like this:

The orchid pot is a plastic plaid bowl i bought at the Containerstore.


Maria said...

love orchids & casablanca lillies! http://design-elements-blog.com/

Beau lifestyle said...

Hi Maria, thanks for your comment.
I like the piece of Piet Boon you have done at your blog.