Monday, January 31, 2011

The weekend

How was your weekend? I have spend mine organizing the house, it feels great and relieved when you have things in it´s place.
I also was able to go and visit Zara home and found very pretty kitchen towels, they remind me of the Kelly Wearstler imperial trellis print, they go well with my yellow dutch tulips.
I am not sure to use them as towels or turn them into pillows?
Here is a picture of my organized cupoard, believe me it has never been like this before.
I do admire those who always live this well organized.

The big glass bottles on the top shelf,  are of an italian company Bormioli Rocco
and they are called Cuatro Stagioni (the 4 seasons) they are great for when you want to
make your own jam or tomatosause.
I use them to keep my rice, nuts and dried fruits...
About Bormiolo Rocco jars:
Dishwasher safe jars made in Italy. More than two decades ago, Bormioli Rocco , introduced the first 100 % glass preserving jar. The Quattro Stagioni home canning jars include various sizes of jars, each designed with an Italian embossed decor. In addition to preserving fruits and vegetables, the jars are also often used for storing dry food items such as pasta, flour, sugar, ground coffee or spices.

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