Saturday, January 22, 2011

beau kitchen

picture from 2 by design

There is something at this picture that I have on my wishlist, wich is the Alessi honey pot!
The honey that we have in a normal jar got all sticky and messy to use, this alessi honey pot, has a type of spoon that is attached so you can drizzle it easily on your breakfast yogurt or tea.
All the other things are very nice also, it´s a nice mix of modern and vintage. I especially like the orange juicer from Philippe Starck, espresso machine and the coffee grinder, hmmmm fresh coffee!

available at amazone


Chic and Cheap Lifestyle said...

I am liking the goodies that you picked out. I like the Alessi honey pot.
Loving the orange juicer as well.

lisal said...

so nice collection never seen before such rare things kitchen linens. thanks for sharing this refrigerator t cooling