Sunday, January 16, 2011


It´s great if you have a build in trashcan in your kitchen, especially one that has been divided to trash your waste for recycling.
If you still feel like having a separate trashcan  for glass, paper or other waste, then have a look at these for the kitchen:
Wesco - Kickboy 40Lt Waste Bin - Almond

Wesco - Kickboy 40Lt Waste Bin - Black
                          Kickboy by Wesco

If you go for a Kickboy from Wesco, I strongly recomend you to get one with a pedal, if not you have to push down the waste and dirty the trashcan.

                                     Vipp trash can

                                               And for the office:
      A shopping bag waste basket, for the fashonista

        Another great idea I saw on Emily´s blog of cupcakes and cashmere


She found a gold colour bucket that she uses as a trash bin. Tres chic, dont you think?

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